Alaia Nell

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Journal – Alaïa Nell – 2023

About Alaïa !

Alaïa is a french artist from Toulouse, born in 1988, who paints murals, surfboards, and draws illustrations. Between Pop art and contemporary art, her style is very intuitive, with curvy lines, and the atmosphere that emanates from her creations is joyful and colorful. Her inspiration comes from her travels and her love for tropical countries and islands. As she practices snowboarding, scuba diving and surfing, hers hobbies bring her to translate what she feels in the nature thanks to the action of drawing. The ocean is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her creations and she likes to draw aquatic and tropical universes. The mediums she uses are mainly acrylic paints, POSCA and spraypaint. She also likes to try other techniques, such as oil pastels, alcohol markers, watercolor, or any other medium available!

October 2020, she quit her previous job as an aeronautic engineer with the aim to bring joy to everyone through her art, and to adopt a new lifestyle. Art represents for her an opportunity to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, to express her emotions, and to transmit positive vibes. Her interest in protecting the ocean leads her to be a part of ecological projects, which promote the protection of fauna and flora. Like the design of a collaborative mural in Corsica, for a local association involved in the conservation of the Mediterranean basin, or a collaboration with an association dedicated to the conservation of turtles in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

If you see her somewhere, you will probably see her “CORALizing”

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